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I’m Still Me: a narrative for coordinated support for older people has just been published and sets out how coordinated – or integrated – care and support looks and feels to older people and is written from their point of view.

You can download and read the full report from this webpage.

The publication, developed by older people working with UCLPartners, National Voices, Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society, British Geriatrics Society and partners including Age UK London who contributed an initial literature review and arranged the participation of many of the interviewees, challenges health and care services to work together and improve the outcomes older people say are most important to them – things like independence, social interaction and relational support.

I’m Still Me outlines five themes that older people say are key to coordinated support: independence, community interactions, decision making, care and support and terminology.

It also sets out a series of ‘I statements’ that summarise what older people have said that they want their support to look like. These include:

“I can maintain social contact as much as I want”
“I am recognised for what I can do rather than assumptions being made
about what I cannot”
“I am supported to be independent”

I’m Still Me discusses implications for health and social care services and asks professionals, at all levels, to reflect on whether they are truly addressing the issues identified as being important to older people.

The publication also calls for a national debate on the use of the word ‘frail’. This word is often used to define groups of older people who could be vulnerable to a crisis, however it is emphatically rejected by older people themselves because they don’t see themselves in this way. The older people involved in the development of I’m Still Me did not want their lives to be defined by their health conditions and consistently disliked the terms ‘frail’ and ‘frailty’. Health and social care services have the challenge of identifying people at risk of ‘frailty’ to ensure that they get the right support, but this needs to be in a way that is acceptable to the very population they are trying to support.

It is hoped that this publication will generate such debate, and that this conversation continues to be led by the views of older people.

London Councils London Directory

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London Councils have just published a really useful directory of all borough Councillors in London and also senior council officers, council portfolio holders, leaders, Assembly members, MPs, MEPs and other key decision makers in the capital.

It is free to use online, there is a charge for a printed version. You can access it online  here.

Equalities checklist and resources online

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Age UK London has published online a short, practical checklist aimed at helping local organisations make sure their activities are inclusive and accessible for diverse older people.  It looks at understanding the local population profile and adapting your offer according to local needs, ensuring an organisational culture of diversity and equality and communicating your activities to diverse groups. Each section includes suggested outcomes and steps towards reaching them, intended to be realistically achievable for small organisations.

You can download the checklist  here – scroll to the bottom of the page and the link will appear.

The Equalities Checklist also includes links to a series of in-depth specialist resources on working with older LGBT people,  older gypsies and travellers and older refugees, dementia, accessibility of buildings, equality and human rights in practice and  an evidence review on diversity in older people and access to services.

Please let me know of any other resources that should be added to this collection in future!

New Age UK London E-bulletins available

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A new set of Age UK London downloadable E-bulletins are available here.  They include updates on older people’s housing, relevant health and social care changes, older people’s social contribution and ageing and equalities issues.

Almost a million older people having to cut down on food

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Recent research by Age UK shows that 960,000 older people have had to spend less on food over the last 2 years. Inquiries to 150 local Age UKs about food banks grew by 360% in a year. You can read more at

Agenda for later life 2014

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Age UK has published Agenda for later life 2014: 

This is the latest edition of Age UK’s comprehensive annual report on policies, practices and trends in ageing. It covers among other issues:

  • money matters
  • health and care
  • housing
  • having the opportunity to participate and be recognised as a valued member of society

Each chapter includes key global aspects of ageing as well as the national viewpoint

Two articles have recently been published  in Health and Social Care in the community,  resulting from research by the University of York’s Social Policy Research Unit. Full references and links:


Gridley, K., Brooks, J. and Glendinning, C. (forthcoming) Good practice in social care: the views of people with severe and complex needs and those who support them, Health and Social Care in the Community, (Available online from 3 April 2014).


Gridley, K., Brooks, J. and Glendinning, C. (2014) Good practice in social care for disabled adults and older people with severe and complex needs: evidence from a scoping review, Health and Social Care in the Community, 22, 3, 234-248.


Research and impact assessment tookit

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Age UK London’s Fit 4 Purpose project has published a toolkit intended to help small organisations boost their capacity for research and impact assessment.

You can view the Research Toolkit on the Age UK London website now.

For further information, you can also contact Ben Donovan,

Latest Age UK London E-bulletins

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Age UK London’s Fit 4 Purpose project produces a series of E-bulletins on issues including equalities, housing, 50+ skills and contributions. The latest series are on the Age UK London website now.



“Wealth of the Web” Report Launched

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Age UK London has just launched a report outlining recommendations for getting more of the 2.1 million older people in London online.

View the report on the Age UK London website here. 

78% of Londoners aged over 75 are not online and a total of 661,000 people over the age of 55 in London have never used the internet; Wealth of the Web: Broadening Horizons Online tackles the issue of how to decrease these figures. Specific recommendations are made for older people themselves, the Age UK London Network, voluntary sector organisations, regional and local government, funders and those in the private sector.

The report was launched at an event organised by Positive Ageing in London attended by some 65 people including representatives from the Cabinet Office, Department for Work and Pensions, GLA, Ofcom, Lloyds Bank, IBM UK and Digital Unite as well as a wide range of academics, older people’s organisations and voluntary bodies.