Resources for Older People's Organisations in London

Age UK London’s latest set of downloadable quarterly bulletins produced as part of the Fit 4 Purpose project are now online: go to to read our Health and Social Care Bulletin,  Councillors’ Bulletin, London Age Professionals’ Bulletin, Equalities Bulletin, 50+ Skills and Contributions Bulletin or Housing Bulletin.

Age UK London have just published their latest set of bulletins online.

The bulletins include a:

  • Health and Social Care Bulletin
  • Councillors’ Bulletin
  • Equalities Bulletin
  • Professional Briefing
  • Housing Bulletin
  • Skills and Contributions Bulletin.

You can download and view the Bulletins online on the Age UK London website and you can view more publications that may be useful to you here.


Age UK London have made all their briefings available online.

As part of the Fit 4 Purpose project, Age UK London produce a quarterly Councillor’s Bulletin, Health and Social Care Bulletin, Equalities Bulletin and a Professional Briefing.

All downloadable issues can be seen here